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Logic is the act of proving something is true simply by getting enough people to believe you. Similar to wikiality.

Logic is also an important branch of philosophy that determines what makes sense and what does not. A helpful reminder is that what Conservatives do (freeing oppressed peoples, helping the the wealthy become wealthier) is Logical and what Liberals do (killing babies, supporting communism) is Illogical.

Logic may also be applied in a more scholaristic sense to prove the truthiness of something that might not seem so truthy at first. The First Rule of Logic is often used to prove truthiness.

First Rule of Logic

If A is truthy, then B must be truthy too.

This rule can be used to prove all sorts of truthiness. As an example, if Stephen Colbert says something has truthiness, it must have it. Ipso Gutso Correcto

Ipso Gutso Correcto

This is the Latin phrase that means a formal truthiness proof is complete and you don't have to think about it any more. Whew! It has a nice scholaristic Latino sound and is a term you can use to impress friends with your scholarism and scholarisity.


Do not for a minute think that you can use the abbreviation I.G.C., which actually stands for Igotta Gitmo Connecto, or, in plain American, I know what a terrorist is. If you stupidly use the abbreviation, the Department of Homeland Security then has solid proof that since you know so more about terrorists than they do, you not only must be a terrorist but also sworn enemy of God's Own Party. You will be put away, somewhere, at least until 2019 and rightfully so.

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