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Live Earth was some musical that Al Gore produced that took place on The TV and The Internets on July 7, 2007. The hippies in charge of planning Live Earth were trying to cash in on God's branding efforts by getting the holy numbers 7/7/07 on their side, but even that couldn't offset the general worthlessness of their ideas.

Basically, no one cares about The Global War on Climate Change anymore. Ever since The Greatest President Ever agreed that Climate Change was real and in need of America's attention, the heroes no longer have to spend their time fighting to convince themselves and others (but mostly themselves) that "Global warming is a liberal myth." Now that the President has promised to look into the matter, two main things have happened.

First, the American people trust their President and his track record of honest follow through. to let the whole issue go. In other words, we've decided that we're better off if we just relax, forget about our worries, and let the whole "coda" of the day go with our Leader. Second, the American people have recently been relieved (to some large degree) of the long-building cognitive dissonance that had formed around our need to insist, against all evidence, that Global warming wasn't happening. Having finally sloughed off this psychic burden, many of us have experienced brain explosions.

In either case, tuning into Al Gore's drone (or one of the bands playing with him), just seemed like a potentially long night, and America mostly chose not to. Those polar ice caps will still be there when we get home later and decide to TiVo.


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