You don't have to be
high on painkillers
to boogie down to Little Richard.
Despite what you may have heard
Little Richard
Is totally not gay!
Little Richard
is an American Man of God!!!

Hiding yo hed in yo mama's Aunt Jemima scarf aint gonna hide no Jerri Curl, stupid

Little Richard is the Queen Grand Dame Totally Manly Royal Person of Rock and Roll.

Putting the "Whooo!" in "Whooo-S-A!"Edit

This American hero(ine) was born with the blues, growing up poor and black (so we're told) in the years before racism had disappeared forever in America. Even in the bleakest of times, however, Richard had a song in his heart and an ace up his fab-u-lous rhinestone sleeve. With his formidable talent for whoopin', hollerin' and carryin' on, he created a treasure trove of rock gems, which he graciously allowed white musicians to steal borrow.

Cruising for GodEdit

Even with his place as the black friend of rock'n'roll secured, however, Richard found a wide, dark gap in his life that desperately needed filling. Just when things seemed bleakest, he found God and went back to His place.

Filled to bursting with the Holy Spirit, Richard finally felt whole enough to put his life of sin behind him — yet, for some reason, he has never said what that sin was.


  • May have been fruity, but has never done tootie
  • Will save you money on car insurance

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