We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout
Little League!?!
Little League is where young impressionable American children learn about teamwork and conformity but mostly about how to inject steroids. Dr. Colbert has always gone to bat for Little League, especially once he forged a Dominican birth certificate that said he was 11. Go Tigers!

The GameEdit

Similar to man baseball, Little League does not include dressage.


The regulation uniform for Little League does not consist of a velvet hat or jodpurs, but instead a tobacco-covered t-shirt, and presumably pants of some sort.

Number of Players on Each SideEdit

One rule that makes Little League so unique in the world of sports is that all who sign up get to play.

The average team consists of 15 players to a side, covering the following positions:

  1. catcher
  2. pitcher
  3. 1st base
  4. 2nd 1st base
  5. 2nd base
  6. 2nd 2nd base
  7. Shallow Shortstop
  8. Deep Shortstop
  9. 3rd base
  10. 2nd 3rd base
  11. Right Rightfield
  12. Right Centerfield
  13. Center Centerfield
  14. Left Centerfield
  15. Left Leftfield

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