List of Patriotic Things to Do Before I Die

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Baby Jesus
List of Patriotic Things to Do Before I Die
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
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The List of Things to Do Before I Die is Stephen Colbert's personal list of patriotic things he'd like to do before he his slips off this mortal coil. Stephen has not shared the entire list publicly - we print here only the items Stephen has mentioned.

The ListEdit


  • dress in red white and blue
  • hang the flag
  • sing songs
  • decorate





  • 42. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance in front of a flag flown from a Blackhawk helicopter by U.S. troops in Afghanistan during a combat mission called Operation: Beef Hammer
    • 43. Drive Chevy pickup truck full of barbeque sauce into World's Largest Hamburger99.151.44.219 03:46, September 21, 2012 (UTC)hi people

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