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Bill and linux

Bill Gates doing something we didn't imagine


Join the Revolution Comrade, Delete your Microsoft Files!

Linux is the operating system created by Linus Trovaldis. Its main purpose is showing the world why paying for Windows is a good idea since its a better operating system in every day, although many geeks have congregated around it in an effort to make it mainstream (in vain).

Linux is one of the greatest pieces of evidence we have to prove that hackers are Satan-worshipping terrorists who intend to destroy the American way of life! Every aspect of Linux is designed to challenge the God-fearing values of our nation, including these facts:

  • Linux is designed to be "free." You don't pay money for it! This is an affront to Microsoft and Wal-Mart (the kind and caring companies that should be the ONLY 2 you buy from).
  • Linux is designed by the ignorant masses, a group that simply can't be trusted.
  • If you use Linux, you are a [virgin], your [fat] and that's the way your staying buddy!
  • Linux does not allow the NSA's or FBI's Trojan Horse programs to be installed for domestic spying on US citizens and terrorist suspects. This is unAmerican and actually helps support terrorism. Our Federal Government only supports Windows because the Magic Lantern Trojan Horse program only works with Windows.
  • Linux is International Espionage from Finland to help spread their Communist ways in the USA to sabotage our Capitalism and ruin our economy. It should be avoided by all costs.

Famous People are more famous because Linux shows us why their products don't suck Edit

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