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Linda Sánchez
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A political pro.

Linda Sanchez is the House representative to the 110th Congress from California's 39th district, The Fightin' 39th!

She was interviewed for Part 15 of the 434 Part series Better Know A District on the March 9, 2006 edition of The Colbert Report.

On March 7, 2007, she parroted the Rahm Emanuel anti-Colbert talking points, claiming that Stephen was "...going to edit you so you look foolish." Foolish? Well at least Stephen doesn't have a sister who may be a whore.


  • Her sister Loretta may be a whore.
  • Is the Nikki Hilton of the Sanchez family

Linda Sánchez
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 39th" district of the state of Cauliflower

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