Life of A Nation
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The life of a nation involves many stages and often mirrors that of the life of a human. This page reveals the heavy analogy used to describe each stage of the nation.

Birth Edit

The revolution is the difficult labor that gives birth to a nation. It is important to note that not all birth are successful and we call those stillbirth, revolt. Sometimes, difficult birth require unilateral actions by other nations acting as midwife.

Birth of American happened in latter half of 18th century in the American Revolution.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

Child Labor Edit

The industrial revolution is the child labor. Some of us remembered our paper route delivering paper forh comic book money never knowing that we being exploited.

Adolescence Edit

The civil war is the difficult growing up period that marks the adolescence of a nation. The self-conflict is what gives a nation its identity, its character, and its lasting moral values. Often however, nations fails to find its identity leading to teen suicide.

Adolescence of American happened in the latter half of 19th century.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

Minimum Wage Work Edit

The late industrialization is the McJobs that every young adult hates to do but has no choice but to do in order to earn a living. Often this period creates lasting illness. No one likes breathing in the fumes that cause cancer while working just like no nations likes to deal with the environmental damage while going through the industrialization.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

Technical College Edit

The civil rights era is the college life. After earning enough to not worry about food budget, most decide to get higher education. And, just like how some will complain about not getting into a frat when they are in college, nations often experience complains about inequality.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

University Edit

Nations start to get high on the Green with protecting the environment just like university life. Also, just like how some will "experiment" in university, some nations will try out same-sex union or marriage. These will all be undone in later stages of life.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

Corporation Edit

Laissez-faire Capitalism is the ultimate development of a nation just like how most will enter into corporate life and climb the corporate ladder. Luckily, as soon as people left university and enter into a corporation, they will forget about environmentalism and that "experiment" in university.

Example of Nations currently at this stage:

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