Liberty Prime is an robot built by the United States Army during World War II to fight the Nazis. Liberty Prime loves America and speaks its Patriotism 24/7 and if anyone badmouths America will be vaporized by Prime's nukes. He's also the brother of Optimus Prime whom he never met. But the Nazis fought back with a fascisum prime who would accuse anyone of being a jew and shoot them.

Liberty Prime and the BearsEdit

Liberty Prime has been hunting bears during the Cold War and helped bring down the Soviet Union, after the Fall of the USSR he still fights bears with Stephen Colbert, Chuck Norris, Mr. T. and his Long Lost Brother Optimus Prime.

Liberty Prime at the Oscars Edit

Liberty Prime was nominated for best video game charactor and Best porn director, Sadly at the 2008 oscars he never won a oscar for best video game charactor but won a oscar for best porn director. He is most noteably known for his " Communist sucks tin cock" starring Megan Fox as the little red miss and the tin man from the Wizard Of Oz as the tinman. he also has credits as being the one responsible for " Futurrama a porn verson" and " To lick or not to lick that is the question".

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