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Al Franken
Liberal Propaganda has earned
Liberal propaganda is basically anything that goes against true Americans, such as The Greatest President-EVER! and his fellow Republicans. This propaganda is spread in many ways, be it any T.V. news station besides Fox News (Especially the Daily Show, which is based purely on cleverly edited facts, and not at all on trushiness), also NBC which is secretly ran by Russians Commies like Vladimir Putin, the NY Times (which is owned and run by bears, a well-known fact), and even in schools where "liberal" (see communist) professers spread their anti-Bush (anti-America) agenda. Liberal propaganda is a threat to Republicans, and therefore a threat to America.

What is Liberal Propaganda?Edit

Liberal propaganda consists of sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant whitewashing of facts. An example is the recent media spin on the Fort Hood massacre. The perpetrator was clearly forced into performing such actions because of the anti-islamic attitudes of every white man in America, according to liberals. And therefore, should be given foodstamps, welfare, and a free white woman to add to his haram.

Notable Liberal PropagandaEdit

Liberal Propaganda
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Liberal Propaganda to the authorities.