Liberal Intelligence Elite
is evil and impure.
The Baby Satan and The Baby Muhammed feed on this stuff!

Anything that looks this cool has got to be evil!

LIE is the master conspiracy behind all the lesser liberal conspiracy organizations such as the ACLU, Illuminati, any form of communism and socialism, etc. . LIE is headed by Satan himself, in that he founded the organization after he smoked Marijuana. Thus it can be safely said, the Devil truly is the Prince of Lies.

“Tolerance” is one of their most vile tactics. They do not believe in the proven science of stereotyping. Instead they preach un-truthiness and take phrases from our sacred American documents out of context, such as the line from the Declaration of Independence that says “All Men are Created Equal”. REAL Americans know the top 1% who control the wealth are better than people who have to work for a living. Thomas Jefferson was merely being sarcastic. And in a truly wretched piece of disinformation LIE agents spread rumors that some founding fathers ingested drugs not created by American Pharmaceutical companies. Or that Marijuana wasn’t illegal in America until the beginning of the 20th century. REAL Americans know “Weed” has been illegal since God invented America 5,000 years ago.


After Satan was tempted by Haitian Witch Doctors with their invention Marijuana, he fell from grace and believed in the equality of all beings. A direct violation of God’s Law which states He knows best. God’s Law is something George Bush believes in, and therefore the validity is absolute! Satan then began recruiting other angles for a proto-version of LIE called “We Are Right”, here he created the first actors. Some actors are still alive from this time period, such as, Jane Fonda and Alec Baldwin’s Hair. After We Are Right failed to spread Liberalism throughout Heaven, Satan and co. were forced down to Earth where they discovered humans. The area where they crashed became a Mecca for heathens and was soon called Hollywood as a sick sexual euphemism. Satan and his “actors” would find their pathetic tools for universal corruption by preaching knowledge and intelligence instead of blind faith like all REAL Americans practice. READ PAT ROBERTSON’S BLOG, PEOPLE! IT’S ALL THERE.


LIE is still hard at work determined to undermine the integrity of the political, social and democratic process of these United States of America. In place, they envision the homeless living in free housing, in effect killing any motivation regular people need to stick out unfulfilling jobs that make the rich richer. Don’t be naïve; we NEED those rich people, they are God’s Chosen Race to boss us around. What else could be the mark of divinity than gold plated mustache combs?? DON’T WUSS OUT! Expose the Lies that have entered into your heart, surrender yourself to an anthropomorphic deity and read the parts of the Bible that condemn homosexuality! Already, REAL Americans are creating special ‘camps’ that will allow LIE agents to ‘concentrate’ since they like thinking so much!

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