Liberal Conspiracy
has become TOO RANDOM
it needs a complete rewrite in order to remove all the randomness.
Please edit this page so that it fits in "The Stephen Colbert Experience" Thank You.

The Democratic Party along with their subordiantes the liberal media try to put facts out and pretend they're truth. Examples include: Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were married. Chuck Norris' can't really fly, and the earth is 4.5 billion years old. All good Republicans and Put America Firsters beware the evil hippie liberal commie pinko fascist plots against America. Amen.


Biblical TimesEdit

Post-Bible, Pre-America TimesEdit

Modern-day America TimesEdit

What Liberals Want To AchieveEdit

American Institutions Liberals Want To DestroyEdit

Great Americans Liberals Want To RuinEdit

Plans Liberals Have For America's ChildrenEdit

Famous Members Of The ConspiracyEdit

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