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This is a cheat sheet to help America understand where they fit in The Stephen Colbert Experience.

Official The Colbert Report LevelsEdit

Level 0Edit

  • Nailed
    • We are all nailed, whether we have met Stephen or not, so deal with it.

Level 1Edit

Level 2Edit

Level 3Edit

Level 3 and 1/2Edit

Level 4Edit

Level 5Edit

Level 6Edit's LevelsEdit

See Also:'s Caste System

Level 1Edit

add more truth, page will not be killed
  • fix

Level 2Edit

page is an embarassment, might not be killed so that author may be scorned or laughed at by others
  • ugly
  • wag
  • troll

Level 3Edit

page borders on non-Colbert-centric, has one week before unceremonious death
  • vanity
  • red shirt
  • NWTF
  • wha

Level 4Edit

page is an embarassment, and non-Colbert-centric, death is only days away
  • notice

Level 5Edit

page has only hours before being Dead to Stephen.
  • Db

Level 6Edit

page has been killed, and it's head hanged from a yardarm off the bow of the good ship
  • Pwn

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