Let's Talk Sex with Ted Haggard
has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!

Former gay and former pastor, Ted Haggard hosts his very own internets tube for sex advice for all you hot Christians out there! Hallelujah!

After discovering his inner heterosexual deep, deep within himself, Mr. Haggard has accepted his new calling: sharing his new-found expertise about happy, uncoerced married heterosexual sex.

For information about how to write Tad, please see the How To Write Ted at the bottom of the page.

My Dear TedEdit

I am a recently elected governor of as southern state. I have been mercilessly hounded with charges of homosexuality since an unfortunate misunderstanding during high school. Ever since then I have carefully cultivated my love for women and have even found one to spend the rest of my life with.

But, now that I have found true love, my dearest Mother is lonely and has no one to go shopping with or take her to the ballet.

How can I please both my special ladies?

Jason's BFF, in Florida.

How To Write TedEdit

Here's how it works: you can leave a letter to Ted here on this page, requesting advice about uncoerced married heterosexual sex. Ted will respond to your letter on this page within a reasonable amount of time (generally a day or two).

Please put a title with two equals signs around it (like this ==My Wife Is So Hot And I've Known That Since She Was Fifteen!==) above your letter. This will help separate each of the requests for advice so that Ted can answer them more easily.

You do not need to wait for one letter to be answered before submitting the next request for advice. Sometimes Ted likes to save them up and answer several requests at once - he's a busy guy, and it's a better use of his time that way.

Please note: cannot be held responsible for any choices you might make resulting from the advice given to you in "Let's Talk Sex with Ted Haggard." is not liable for any damages to your physical or psychological well-being that may result from your implementation of said advice. Moreover, cannot guarantee that every letter is personally answered by Ted himself. On very rare occasions, Tad will ask one of his assistants to answer a letter or two.

Please also note: If Ted seems extremely busy, or if your question is about any subject other than uncoerced married heterosexual sex, you might also want to consider Asking Tad.

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