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LemCo, Inc. (Person/Corporation)


LemCo inc

LemCo was started by two children (Charlie and Grace) with the idea of selling lemon juice below market prices while crushing the competition. By hiring illegals to pick the lemons, single mothers to crush the lemons, and watering down the lemonade with liquid stain remover they have been able to corner the lemonade market.

Home of the Original Lem 'n' adeEdit

LemCo is the sole purveyor of "Lem 'n' ade". "Lem 'n' ade" is not like your average lemon juice, its "Lem 'n' ade"! Because of trade secrets we cannot disclose the contents of lem 'n' ade but rumors that we use slaves to crush our lemons is not true. "Lem 'n' ade" does not contain lemons but a lemon-like product.

Supporting ColbertSuperPACEdit

endorses LemCo
and will wait for those secret donations in the mail.
Letter superpac

As promised LemCo has not only endorsed Stephen Colbert for Supreme Leader of America but also donated to his ColbertSuperPAC, giving the generous amount of $13 a secret amount.

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