The Left Coast
Left Coast
Capitol: Haight-Ashbury
Flower: "Weed"
Official Language(s): Spanish & English
Bird: Spotted Owl
Official Song: "Imagine"
Standard MPH: 55 MPH
Principal imports: The Soul of America
Principal exports: Soul crushing "Entertainment"

The Left Coast raises often bazaar and baffling questions about the future of America. The Left Coast is full of people who think with their heads and hearts and not their guts like the Great Stephen Colbert.

The Left Coast is the greatest threat to America from America (except for Seattle which is believed to part of Canada if it exists at all, but is still a threat).


Hollywood movies are part of a plot to make America weak and allow our enemies to have their way with us.



Silicon ValleyEdit

True American Heroes from the Left CoastEdit

There are a few Real Americans who, against all odds, make positive contributions to the our great country. If you are one of the Real Americans, who think with you [gut], take inspiration from these great people!

Ronald ReaganEdit

Ronald Reagan is the second greatest President of America after George W. Bush, and the greatest president of the 20th Century. Liberals have kept his face off Mount Rushmore.

Richard NixonEdit

Left Coast Fun FactsEdit

  • Left Coasters are still sleeping when Real Americans are hard at work.

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