Lawrence Kudlow
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

Kudlow explains five Knights Templar mysteries to Catholic School students

Lawrence Kudlow is a deeply blessed Catholic commentator who explains how the Word of God is revealed through The Market during his nightly broadcast on CNBC.

After several years on the air, Kudlow was finally freed from an awkward pairing with Jim Cramer (a Democrat) that had been forced upon him by his corporate masters at GE. Only then was he able to stop worrying about things like ratings since all the prior show's viewers ignored him while they flocked to Cramer's new show.

Kudlow's new show is seen only by in-studio technical staff and occasional channel surfers looking for Fox News. That has freed Kudlow to use the show to reveal the secrets of The Market and other mysteries that Kudlow knows as a revered member of The Knights Templar.

Each evening, Kudlow closes his show with a heartfelt Latin (God's language, after all) prayer for the Greatest President Ever.

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