Lava and water do not mix

Lava: Hot Stuff! Edit

Lava is God's way of saying you've been bad.

The Liberal "Explanation" Edit

Liberal "Scientists" might say that it occurs naturally because of the gigantic plates the continents are built on melting - or something to that effect. But they, being "Scientists", should not be surprised when God makes a volcano spew lava out from underneath their feet.

The Truthiness Edit

Lava is God's way of saying you've been bad (see above). When He feels like smiting a commie, as an alternative to simply striking them with lightning, He may find it fit to cause the earth to rupture and to spew forth molten rock.

Surviving Edit

When somebody else has been targeted with a lava attack, the best thing you can do is run. Better yet, drive away. Get away from that lava as fast as you can. You can tell if it's after you because it will follow you or another volcano will erupt in front of you.

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