Al Franken
Large Hadron Collider has earned
Large Hadron Collider
is science-related, sending it straight to hell.

After heating up during a test run, the collider presents.


The collider as it was being assembled

The Large Hadron Hardon Collider (Also known as the boner rammer) is Europe's largest temple to science. It is a machine that allows atheists to worship their false gods Darwin and Newton.

It was originally built inside abandoned Nazi tunnels and was designed to communicate with aliens.

Scientists have not yet been able to justify its existence, nor reassure the public that it will not begin to fly once activated.

Its predecessor, the Small Hadron Hardon , was built in 1632 by Gailieo while he was in jail. No larger than a pocket telescope, it was however, powerful enough to start the black plague and inspire the first pope to wear those gay hats.

The Resturant in SwitzerlandEdit

It has cost more money than any other machine every built, will use more energy than any other city on the planet and when it is finally activated on September 10, 2008 will destroy the earth in a glowing ball of socialism and homosexuality.

So so long and thanks for all the fish.

How It Was BuiltEdit

Construction of the Atlas section One of the internal gaydars that is essential to erecting and maintaining the Hadron properties

What It's Supposed To DoEdit


A scientist watches the gaydar screens for any sign of normalcy.

The September 10, 2008 TestEdit

Well we're ll still here so that went ok.

Then again they are going to be doing some atom smasing with it next.

Odd that they built something so big to find something so small.

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