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Land is defined as the parts of the America's Planet not covered by water - the Dirt and what not.

God created the land on the second day, roughly 6,000 years ago. He showed a lot of foresight in so doing, as land became the place where Adam and Eve would take up residence. Mankind has been living on land ever since, except for a few freaks and "explorers" like Richard Branson.

Without land, and the divine grace of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, there would be nothing between you and the fiery pits of Hell (which, as everyone knows, lie within the molten core of the Earth). So be thankful.

Location, Location, and that other thingEdit

Land is the most sought after renewable resource right after oil and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. This is why land is such a valuable commodity in the free market system. The key to wise investing for those who want to purchase land is "location, location, location." In other words, you should always make sure that your land has a location. If you buy land that does not have a location, you have been duped. You have probably just purchased some sky or something.

If you dig through enough land, you will pass right through the center of the Earth (including Hell), and come out on the Other Side of the World - namely, China. They have land there, too, but it is upside down from us and thus far less valuable. You can buy the Chinese land more cheaply, because it does not have as much location (being upside down, it is more likely to fall off).

conservatives want thier own land in the midwest and don't want any governement support because they dont't like thier own governement because we are so patriotic

Saving the LandEdit

Many environmentalists and pseudo scientists like David Suzuki and Al Gore tell us that we are destroying the land and must save it. What's up with that?

God's plan clearly states that human beings should live on land. This is obvious, because when he got really pissed at us, he made Noah build that boat and flooded the land. Hence, happy God = humans live on land. So if we're supposed to live here (and we are), it seems clear that the only way the land could be getting destroyed is if God wants it that way.

Perhaps what really needs "saving" are the environmentalists themselves?

Further RecommendationsEdit

While mankind has traditionally made a habit of exploring parts of America's Planet that are not land, this seems less and less like a good idea. In fact, it is recommended that people all over the world remain on land all of the time, because of the motherfucking snakes that plague our nations' airways.

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