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Lacrosse is a sport invented by America's Indians who used French words to try and impress everyone. Little did they know that the word they used to name their new game, lacrosse was not as manly as they thought. Though the name is not manly, Lacrosse is an extremely manly sport in which men ruthlessly beat each other with metal sticks. The fastest game on two feet is played on 120 yd. field where men run to hit the other team to cause the ball to pop out. Concussions run rampant, along with loss of hair and loss of virginity.

How To Play LacrosseEdit


Hit the tree with the random animal skull for a point, you play until there is one person left and then whoever has the most points win.

Dimensions Of Field Of PlayEdit

The tree to the lake.

Equipment NeededEdit

Stick, gloves, chainsaw (when playing against zombies, communists or fascists), random animal skull (or a "ball" if you are a pansy)

Who Plays LacrosseEdit

Lacrosse is played only by the manliest of men. known for its brutality it is mostly played when drunk. Lacrosse also frequently rapes baseball up the butt with it's manly genitalia. It is also known to have a six foot pole used just for this purpose.

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