Labor Day

Labor Day is un-American federal holiday celebrating government employees not working for 24 hours.  It sucks  the economy from a day of taxed work.  To offset the loss of revenue,  many savvy private companies like Sears and Kmart (see Sears or Kmart - or soon to be: “Once upon a time in America there was a Sears and a Kmart”) offer raging sales to appease the never satisfied capitalism  gods of the US economy.  

The holiday’s name represents a quintessential oxy moron in that oxys are Ameri-cana hard working horned cows that work “Like a Rock” tilling America’s soil for corporate icons , such as Dole and DelMonte,  while morons look for ways to compromise capitalism in America by asking for teachers'  work days off so they can tend to their children, time off to get voter ID, or calling in with the flu.  Any holiday that does not support 24-7 labor in America has its roots entrenched in some kinda terrorist pod, such as the AFL-CIO, AFTA or C.A.N.A.D.A. 

The official origins of the holiday is unknown, however, since it smells of the same stuff as equal pay for equal work, it is sure to have communist beginnings and appalls HR support.  Unlike holidays that were usurped for more capitalist tributes such as the celebration of Jesus’ birth in place of winter solstice or Hanukkah, Labor Day represents reprehensible practices such as employer assisted day care, a living wage (not to be confused with the constitutional minimum wage) and Obamacare.  

Most American historians attribute the first Labor Day to a nationwide Pullman Strike in 1894. However, since most railroad pullman were black, this credit is likely a crock of crap as US companies (i.e. masters, rings, corporations, mobs, plantations) were known not to halt back-braking work based on African American discontent and protest. 

The not spoken but true probability of the holiday is: it came into being during a destructive Democrat regime that could not pay the Pony Express when a non-negotiating, sit on its ass Congress,  opposed a Democratic president thus creating a debt ceiling impasse.  This suspended government payments to the Pinkerton Brothers for a day and “Labor Day” was born. It was also the beginning of a disfunctional post office that, no matter how hard it worked, could never again make a profit.

Labor Day Celebratory  Songs:

Many songs are associated with Labor Day.  Favorites are “9 to 5”, “She Works Hard for the Money, “Take This Job and Shove It”, and the Kit-Kat candy bar jingle, “Give Me A Break”.

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