is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes

Origin and Meaning Edit

Stephen colbert cs

American Hero, The Honorable Dr. Stephen Tyrone Colbert DFA

"L'Grand-Sauveur-Américain-À-James-Qui-Nous-Fait-Toute-Chavirer" is a title bestowed upon Stephen Colbert by the Acadian people. It translates roughly to: "The Great American Savior, Son of James, Who Makes Us All Go Crazy". Although its colloquial structure is usually reserved for folk-heros of mythical or, indeed, magical status, the term's usage has grown exponentially in the last few years due in no small part to Dr. Colbert's exploits during this period.

Usage Edit

In addition to its everyday usage in conversations relating to Stephen Colbert, the term has become a common means of salutation. Examples include:

  • "Hey! T'as tu vu L'Grand-Sauveur-Américain-À-James-Qui-Nous-Fait-Toute-Chavirer sur la T.V. hier soir?"
    • ("Hey! Did you see The Great American Saviour, Son of James, Who Makes Us All Go Crazy on T.V. last night?")
  • "Allo, ami de L'Grand-Sauveur-Américain-À-James-Qui-Nous-Fait-Toute-Chavirer, comment ça va?"
    • ("Hello, friend of The Great American Saviour, Son of James, Who Makes Us All Go Crazy, how are you?")

Recent, unusual responses have begun to circulate throughout Acadia. One, however, seems to have a marked dominance, in view of its popularity among the female demographic:

  • "Si j'l'ai vu! Y m'a fourrée comme une chienne hier soir! Oh, y'était si gentil... pis y'avait des fesses en hostie, j'vas t'dire!"
    • ("If I saw him! He made me his bitch last night! Oh, he was so sweet... and what marvelous buttocks he had, I'll tell you!")

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