Kurt Warner
is Very Manly™.
Jesus blocking for Kurt Warner

God is indeed watching over Kurt (and his blind side.)

Kurt Warner (better known as God's Quarterback™) is a professional Football player and a Christian Warrior.


Perhaps his greatest accomplishment as a Christian is saving the soul of Brenda Warner, an ex-lesbian by making her accept Jesus and marry him. By doing this he also did society a favor by taking ugliest women in Iowa off the market.

As any proper Christian would do, Kurt has filled the land with his offspring, siring 7 children. And like Sarah Palin, Kurt and his wife know the challenges of raising a Special Needs child.

Football CareerEdit


Kurt Warner, Hero, Champion, Christian.

25px-DramaticExclamationPoi All You Need To Know...

Kurt has defeated the Bears three times in his NFL career.

Kurt Warner was assigned by God to quarterback the St. Louis Rams and begin his Christian living/football championry. But before making his decision Kurt played for the Green Bay Packers, Iowa Barnstormers, and Amsterdam Admirals before He settled on the Rams.

As you would expect, Kurt is a multiple Super Bowl champion, and has won the MVP award twice (a record amoung Rams QB's). Some have even claimed that he is the best quarterback ever!

Despite being the hero of Super Bowls XXXIV and XLIII, many naysayers still critisize Kurt for reading the Bible too much instead of studying his playbook, or that the oft-injured quarterback could prevent and heal his injuries by not refusing modern medical treatment instead of faith-healing.

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