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Kunta Kinte acting in the documentary "The Path to Slavery Never Happened"

When Kunta Kinte was found enslaved in Africa by a group of kind Christians. He was brought over to America on a cruise ship, and enjoyed a life time supply of cufflink buttons in the Free World of America.

Kunta Kinte TriviaEdit

Did You Know?Edit

  • Stephen Colbert may be a descendant of Kunta Kinte?
  • Kunta Kinte was served prime rib every day on his cruise over to the Free World of America?
  • Kunta Kinte's stage name was "Toby"?
  • Kunta Kinte served as the Chief Engineer on the U.S.S. Enterprise?

If You Thought You "Knew" This, You Were WrongEdit

  • Kunta Kinte was a slave.
Oh No!
Kunta Kinte
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