Kristi Turnquist:
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Kristi Turnquist: is a writonatrix for some communist rag called "OregonLive" who had the temerity to put Stephen on notice.


You got some nerve, Miss!

It is obvious that you lean communist by your byline, which does not start with M-R-S!

No telling what your name was before you changed it Kristi--nice touch by leaving off the "e" or "y"--or is that what untold years of inhaling "second-hand" dope does to a person's spelling!?

About your real first name, was it "Sunshine Rainbow" or "Hemp Poncho"?

Miss (or is that Mz?) Turnquist scribbled some random hippie code-words together using dolphin-safe ink on recycled rice paper (or was that hemp, too?) and submitted it to her editor at the LiveOregon chastising Dr. Colbert for bringing it to the city of Portland, Oregon and their long-standing tradition of welcoming hippies to their communist enclave.Episode #321

In Mz. Turnquist's rant, she wrote,

"Apparently, Portland -- the city you love to mock -- is the place where you also find people creative enough to publish your comic book. Stephen, do we detect some hypocrisy here?
In other words, Stephen -- you're on notice. Seriously."

Oh? Seriously. First of all, Mz. Turnquist, you are not licensed to put anyone on notice, much less Dr. Colbert. Also, we don't detect hypocrisy. We detect a man brave enough to hire American hippies and communists to draw his comic book instead of sending that work to hippie and communist Canadians.

You'd expect a liberal to appreciate a little nuance, but apparently not.

To Reach Mz. TurnquistEdit

  • By phone: 503-221-8227
  • By internets:

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