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An American Sherman tank. Too bad the communists didn't have any tanks, or planes, or guns.

The Korean War started in 1950, when the North Koreans tried to invade the American-friendly country of South Korea. Their poorly trained troops, led by Kim Jong Il faced off against American troops, led by General MacArthur, and guess who won? America, of course!

History Edit

War started on June 25th, 1950, when a bunch of North Korean farmers, armed with shovels and other assorted farming tools, charged across the border and into South Korea. Two minutes later, one American tank on border patrol duty in South Korea single handedly defeated all of the communist forces. The cowardly North Koreans quickly offered a peace treaty with America, and had also pledged to not develop nucular weapons.

History UpdateEdit

The Korean War Part II coming this summer!

Famous People in the Korean War Edit

  • General MacArthur - The leader of the American forces in the region
  • President Truman - Led the Americans to another successful war, but the Democrats in congress (North Korean spies in disguise) kicked him off the job for the war
  • Al Franken - Born in 1951, the only baby boomer in North Korea
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