Were you looking for the soulful musician known as "Chick Corea?" Yeah, I make that mistake too...

Hello, Kitty
Hello, Korea
Asian and very good at math.

Korea used to be a country in Asia before it was broken into two after WWII with:

  • Communist Korea in the north (who is an Enemy of America and is developing WMDs) and is called North Korea.
  • Free Korea in the south (who is an Ally of America and is sending Christian Missionaries to Afganistan to convert the infidels). This is mainly called South Korea.

The Korean War was fought in Korea. Korea has recently made advancements in cloning technology. Nobody knows who is in Korean government. It's probably a secret, just like Soviet Russia.


Bulgogi is something they eat in Korea beef with savory sauce based similar to soy sauce, mixed with vegetables. Kimchi, which is pickled and spicy vegetable mix, is awesome.(It's fermented but it tastes like it's pickled.) It's also in the top five worlds healthiest foods.

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