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Kobe saving American basketball from canadians

Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player.

Playing CareerEdit

Kobe's career started when he was drafted by Minneapolis Lakers at the age of 14. After leading lakers to 19 championships, Kobe was charged with a rape while resting his knee at hotel in Denver. Kobe went on to buy his wife a 20 million dollar ring, and eventually the charges were dropped.

Fight with ShaqEdit

After winning his 39th championship with the Lakers, Kobe became jealous of teammate's Shaquille O'Neal's 20 inch penis, and demanded for Shaq to be traded, or otherwise he would leave the team. Lakers complied, and Shaq was shipped to another team. The following year, Kobe got a penis enlargement surgery, going from an 8 to a 24 inch penis, hence the number change.

Player ProfileEdit

Kobe is the best basketball player in the world, but lost his MVP awards to a Canadian guy and a German guy. Kobe is the last hope for American basketball, and the one only thing that is keeping ugly canadians and europeans from taking over basketball.

2008 Beijing OlympicsEdit

Kobe was part of the mens basketball team in Beijing representing the United States of America at the Welcome to 2008 Beijing Olympics. He helped the US team win the gold metal, when all other teams withdrew as soon as Team USA's jet landed in Beijing.

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