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A Female Bear, or Sharia Bear. I bet they are butt ugly.

We of Colbert Nation are on a mission, to quell the uprising of bears. It will be easier if we know the names and location of the terrorist specialist bears


Bubbles is a large plushish grizzly bear who is a international fang dealer. He is providing Colbear with fangs to arm him self with. Bubbles has a weakness that we may exploit, he is quite homosexual (c'mon Bubbles!?!) and has yet to come out of the closet and Colbear, being homophobic will not purchase his shady weapons from him even though he is the best dealer. Beware, it is thought that he is connected with various terrorist groups such as Al Queda and Barack Hussein Obama.


He is a albino (Ginger) bear that heads the most violent group of Pizzly Bears. The Colbert Loyalists and Prof. McDoc do everything they can to keep him and/or her at bay. The sheer power of grizzly bears and the whiteness of polar bears makes them virtually unstopable to all normal technology. Only Anti-Bear Technology will affect them. Unfortunately NASA is still configuring its Bear Death Ray of Fatality (BDRF)

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