makes satanic music
which are lullabies to the Baby Satan

You wanted the best? Well, you got these freaks...

KIϟϟ are gods devils of music. They are a group of biracial musicians led by Gene Simmons, who breathes fire and uses axes to play music. Need any more proof of their satanism? Notice how the SS at the end of KIϟϟclosely resembles that of the Waffen SS, Hitler's personal guards.


  • Gene Simmons- bass, vocals, shoots fire from at least one known orifice, illegitimate father to a small Amish communities worth of carnies, bar-flys, tire/lube mechanics, and trailer park custodians.
  • Paul Stanley- rhythm guitar, vocals, started wearing star makeup to signify the deeply patriotic union between he and his first wife (now deceased) due to the fact she was a zebra, currently involved with a female marmoset he met through mutual friend/band mate Eric Singer. He also stabbed a guy with a spoon.
  • Eric Singer- drums, wears gay cat makeup, housebroken, likes being scratched behind the ears, good with children and other weirdos.
  • Tommy Thayer- replaced original lead guitarist Ace Frehley in 2002, cyborg, owns complete set of Dukes of Hazard memorabilia collection plates, harbors a well-known fondness for cheese danish.



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