King Peggy
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By Decree & Power of Ballsiness
King Peggy!
Shall Receive Lady Balls!


King Peggy

King Nana Amuah-Afenyi VI: Her commoner name is Peggielene Bartels, but she is affectionally called King Peggy by her subjects, because you have to have lady-balls to be a King. (It is a well known fact that you need man-parts to be a King. A Woman cannot be King, that's madness!)

From Woman to King in AfricaEdit

King Peggy is the new King of Otuam, a village in Ghana. According with tradition only a man with balls can rule the kingdom and since King Peggy is technically a woman they decided that from now on she is a man!

This is a new Royal Proclamation, from now on when thee are addressing  Nana Amuah-Afenyi VI thou shall address Her as Him and not as Her...

Royal DutiesEdit

Haunted Mansion-Ghosts

King Peggy's servants.
They work for free!


Her His Glorious Palace

  • Bury Her His dead uncle in an elaborate royal ceremony before he returns as a zombie
  • Negotiate with pagan gods during harvest festivals to make sure the price of crops does not go over market value
  • Rebuild the Royal Palace, which has fallen into decay[1]
  • Be judge, jury, and executioner[2]
  • Meet with high-level Ghanaian officials, some of whom are Her His subjects.[3]
  • Hold raffles, lotteries, and bingo games to obtain new funds to build new schools for the peasants and their children.[4]
  • Reintroduce the values of the free market to empower Feminazis
  • Meet with the ghost of Her His ancestors in the Royal Chamber of Ancestral Spirits, where the ghost of past political advisers and pundits will advise Her Him on how to manipulate the populace.[5]
  • Safeguard the Royal ghosts from being kidnapped by the Ghostbusters.


Haunted Manstion-Terrence Stamp

King Peggy's Royal Butler

  1. seriously, it looks like crap after Jack Nicholson Torrance took a swing to it with an ax.
  2. best way to deal with judicial activism.
  3. is good to be Queen King, baby!
  4. All proceeds will go to the royal treasury to be properly examined.
  5. these are the same ghosts that give advice to Glenn Beck - they used to reside inside his mind.

External TubesEdit

King Peggy
is something African and thus may or may not be real,
not to pretend that you really care either way. Come on - it's Africa.

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