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King Kong has earned


King Kong is a giant ape that has personally ruined the lives of Bruce Cabot, Jeff Bridges, Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, Jessica Lange, Fay Wray, Stephen Colbert, Charlton Heston and Nelson Mandela.

He is smelly and likes to fight Godzilla in his spare time, he has never become quite the scourge to Americans that Godzilla has become for the Japanese.

King Kong is also proof that man did not evolve from apes, because if we did, then we'd obviously be much bigger.


Conspiracy? liberal nuts: "The tie doesn't fool me!"

King Kongs Obsession with Stephen Colbert's Wife Edit

In December 1976, Stephen Colbert had to fight King Kong to rescue his lovely wife Evelyn McGee-Colbert. This epic battle was immortalized on the silver screen with Stephen playing himself as the pilot of the plane which shot King Kong off the World Trade Center. Stephen's story was later adapted to the video game Donkey Kong by Nintendo. Players can take the role of Colbert as a lovable small business entrepreneur "Mario" bent on rescuing his love from a maniacal bear like ape.

King kong 1976

Known for his war on Christmas and his early attempts against the World Trade Center

Some of the lunatic liberal fringe are skeptical that Donkey Kong is a representation of King Kong because he wears a tie. But it is a fact you can look up yourself[1].

Truthiness Edit

  • King Kong is real and didn't really die from falling off the Empire State Building, he currently lives in the back country of Alberta, Canada.
  • King Kong is most notorious for causing the Russo-Japanese War, in which Dan Quayle and the Montreal Canadians took up arms against the Pokemon menace started by the Shogunate in Japan, the war ended up in Russia where Vladimir Putin took on some bitches. King Kong ate everyone to end the war he started. This has led to rumors of his ties to the Communist party.
  • King Kong has frequently been a guest pundit on "Hannity and Colmes" representing the moonbat liberal fringe.

References Edit

  1. Wikiality entry on Donkey Kong [1]

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