Kevin Rudd
is too Australian for the average American.

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Who is kevin rudd


On Fridays Mr. Rudd turns into cardboard.


Rudd met with The Secret Muslim in Washington, D.C.

kevin rudd Kevin Rudd was elected to be Australia's newest Prime Minister in an election that is sure to be bitched about by historians as the election that surgically removed America from "Down Under". Kevin Rudd is secretly a Chinese national who is planning to spread communism to Australia. This will be done by striking a deal with Alaska's polar bear population in a move of eco-terrorism that will kill any disobeyers. Kevin Rudd is also known to many right-thinking Australians as 'KRudd.' When being discussed in the context of his plan to filter the internets to Australia, KRudd is affectionately referred to as 'that Arsehole.'

Kevin Rudd is somewhat similar to Obama because both are taking forver to get anything done and both are being screwed by the opposite party; they're both alcholics (come on, all Australians drink alot and haven't you seen Obama's health review?)He speaks fluent mandarin so this means he secretly plots with the Chinese to make Australia the new commies ergo starting a new Cold War except this time with more Asians.

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