Ken Lay
is a Great American and deserves your adoration!
America loves you, Ken Lay

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Ken Lay

Still dead.


Jesus sits at the right hand of God, Ken sits at the left.

Ken Lay is best known for founding and being CEO of Enron, a profitable American corporation. Lay dedicated and ultimately sacrificed his life to the noble pursuit of acquiring money and an unwavering allegiance to the free market.

In Houston -- a vile, Democratic hotbed in the otherwise enlightened state of Texas -- too many liberals were making money and donating to evil liberal causes like the Democratic Party, Greenpeace, and Doctors Without Borders. After wrestling all future contributions from the retirement funds of lazy liberals, Ken Lay went on to destroy the very company for which said lazy liberals worked, decimating the economy of this Democratic city, and ensuring years of Republican dominance in all matters of wealth and society for generations.

After Lay, experienced his wild success with Enron, he was going to be penalized and tossed into prison by liberal activist judges for turning a profit. In a demonstration of Ken's righteousness, God called his servant to Heaven away from the rabble who would crucify him for the "sin" of being successful. Ken passed into God's radiance on July 5th, 2006, from heart problems. It was the greedy employees of Enron that broke it.

Ken Lay
helps Americans better understand
The Free Market
America thanks you, Ken Lay

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