Apparently, Keith Olbermann, who is a left-handed lefty with a bias to the left, has a problem with the number 24.

Controversy with 24 Edit

Experts say it is because 24 is not prime enough for Olbermann, other's say it reminds him too much of the two dozen cane huge tits(rightly so). Some people have even suggested that 24 does not compute for Olbermann, because he likes to live in his own binary black-and-white world where there's either 0 or 1.

In addition, typing "Olbermann" on a phone results in the number 652376266, of which the digit sum is 43. There has always been a fierce rivalry between the followers of the 24 and the loyalists to the 43.

Controversy with 24 Edit

Also, 24 is a documentary about a bear-big ass donkey dick American]] named Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer has enough balls to use torture or other good and Godly methods of saving Americans from terrorists. The show exposes what would happen if the ACLU was in charge and we put all the terrorists in cozy 4-star resorts and let them out whenever they wanted.

Oddly, Keith Olbermann's problem with 24 (the documentary now, not the number) seems to be that the detonation of an atomic bomb in heroic downtown Los Angeles (minus Compton and Inglewood) is too far fetched. Newsflash! Ever heard of Hiroshima? Ever heard of Nagasaki? It was there that terrorists first attacked any random country with a nucular bomb. By the way, any rumors that you hear about American involvement in this outrageous terrorist attack is liberal brainwash. Are you for real about Nagasaki? LOL LOL LOL LOL As pointed out by his highness, The Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush(May God bestow upon him a third term)

(( I guess god was too busy to listen))((Portion of call from god to W: " Is this W? " Yes" god: "bye-bye" end of call))

This documentary helps to keep Americans on edge and ready to fight terrorism 

wherever they might encounter it. It is necessary to be ready in these unstable and frightening times.

No, it keeps them pantless, shirtless and turns them into couch potatoes.

'W, not knowing the difference between fiction and fantasy, doesn't grasp that Jack Bauer is for entertainment and any resemblance to reality is lost in the synapse process between OBAMA IS A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!delusional, dungeon dwelling stalactites who pollute the globe with their carbon footprints. Wipe your feet! '

Olbermann's favorite TV shows Edit

Olbermann's position, however, is not at all surprising if you look at a list his favorite TV shows:

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • SpongeBob Squarepants
  • Rugrats
  • Barbie Mermaidia
  • Barbie meets Cinderella
  • Black Beauty

Considering this, anything with a higher level of suspense is always on the verge of being critized as "fearmongering" by the Olberwoman.

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