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Al Franken
Keith Olbermann's Worst Persons In The World has earned
Keith Olbermann, attention whore that he is, is known for a segment of his "news" show in which he awards the day's three worst person's in the world.

How It WorksEdit


smug? me?

This segment was originally called "Three People Who I Am Jealous Of Because They Are Going To Heaven & I'm Not" and "Three People, Who Can Increase My Ratings Just By Mentioning Their Name During My Show."

Third place usually goes to a dumb criminal like an atheist.

Second usually goes to a patriotic radio personality or someone on FOX.

And first place is reserved for a well known conservative, such as Papa Bear.



What have you done to Miss Precious Perfect Princess?

In July, 2009, Olbermann refused to recognize and give our dear Stephen the award!Episode #585

Worse yet he did so on the grounds that he considered Doctor Colbert to be an "old school Southern gentleman".

No insult can be worse than a complement from a communist like Olbermann!

Needless to say Baby Bear set 'em straight.

Flag quote open clear2
Olbermann, how dare you let me "just barely get away with this" because I am "a native South Carolinian, and an old-school gentleman". First of all, sir, I am no gentleman. I wasn't just offering Sandford some journalistic stroke job. In my next email, I offered him a literal stroke job.[1]
Flag quote close clear2
~ Sir Dr. Colbert, July 15, 2009, The Colbert Report


For those who are wondering the answer is no. Colbert's offering Sanford a literal stroke job does not make him in any way shape or form gay however if you think this for a second it id proof that you are gay and need to be sent to Utah as punishment.

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