Hello, Kitty
Hello, Katana
Asian and very good at math.

Legendary katanas on display.

Sharp swordy stabby slicy thingy used by most Freedom Fighters. Most lethal weapon against the enemies of truthiness. In Stephen Colbert's humble opinion, second only to the prized lightsaber.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, Jesus and Moses used katanas to conquer the Romans in 33 A.D. Of course, they were not having nearly as much success until Stephen appeared out of nowhere and smote the Romans with his lightsaber of fury. Sadly, it was then that all of humanity began to realize the awesome power that is the lightsaber, and rejected the legendary katana.

Also contrary to popular belief, Katanas can cut through Diamonds, Unobtanium and even Adamantium. This is due to the fact that this swordy along with it's country of origin is PROTECTED BY THE GAWDS!!

It is also of note that a Katana was responsible for splitting the first atom with it's awesomeness and bullshito power.

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