White House
Karen Hughes
is the cabinet post or job
of the United States of America
Karen Hughes
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America

Karen Hughes, Special Envoy to the Middle East

Karen Hughes is all woman, W-O-MAN, woman! She is so much a woman, that she is on a special mission for America in Islamic countries. At the behest of The Greatest President--EVER!, Ms. Hughes was given the task teaching poor oppressed women in Muslim countries how to be real, empowered women by voting Republican.

She also helped America here at home by providing the Greatest President with a cup of hot milk and a bedtime story after those nasty journalists asked him all those hard questions about Iraq. The following day, said journalists mysteriously disappeared, to be seen again only on PBS — which is to say, never to be seen again.

Working Life for Ms. HughesEdit

Ms. Hughes was able to apply lessons learned to many jobs - first in Texas, then for America. In Washington, she served as the public relations czar as the State Department's Public Diplomacy Secretary. In November 2007, she announed at a Rose Garden press conference that she would "leave this bullshit for some other bullshit." She would be one of the last of Bush's cronies good buddies to moozy back to Texas, leaving Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney — but not for one last tryst, perhaps in Iran.

How The World Has Benefitted From Ms. HughesEdit

Due to Ms. Hughes skills in diplomacy, marketing and truthiness there are more people in the moo-slamic world who know that we Americans are so compassionate that, really, giving us their oil is the least they can do. Thanks to Ms. Hughes, the moo-slims also know who is responsible for all damage caused to humanity since the beginning of time.

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