Hello, Kitty
Hello, Kamikaze
Asian and very good at math.

The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!

makes The Baby Jesus and America cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!


Ensign Oso Stupida 1943
Young Japanese Kamikaze pilot is excited to go to Hell and meet Satan.


Divine Wind
Translates literally to English as "Suicidal Psychopath Seeks 72 Vestal Virgins (also a popuplar tagline at

Kamikaze kaa-ma-KAA-zee(adj. or n.) From Japanese "Divine Wind" origin World War II

  1. All Asian pilots. (Asians can't drive, how can they fly?)
  2. Shooter made with Vodka, Rose's Lime and sometimes Triple Sec, favored by Drunken Frat Boys and Cheerleaders.
  3. The wind that blows from our Blessed Stephen Colbert's exalted posterior.

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Sneaky Asian
Kamikaze trying to sneak under anti-aircraft batteries gun elevation. Suicidal Asians so Untruthy.

A well known fact is that Asians, having no depth perception or peripheral vision, are incapable of operating any motor vehicle effectively. This was proven in WWII. And again everyday on Americas highways. Despite having better planes, Japanese pilots were slaughtered in Dog Fights at the rate of 10:1 by Real American pilots.

The most difficult part of Naval Aviation being landing on an aircraft carrier. Knowing they would get shot down anyway, Japan saved time and money by only teaching its pilots how to take off.

Kamikazes In ActionEdit

Hopped up on handfuls of Methamphetamine, Kamikazes would take to the skies in swarms, like little Killer Bees looking for anything American, British or Australian to smack into and blow themselves to little bits of Sushi.


  • Kamikazes invented Methamphetamine.
  • Invented Lasik Surgery.
  • Invented the "one way" ticket.
  • Were the worst pilots ever. (With the exception of Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan.")
  • Prove that Asians aren't smarter.
  • Were as young as 12. Which is too young to have sex with virgins anywhere but Utah, which was sunk at Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941, before Kamikzes were invented. Silly Asian!

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