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Judy Woodruff
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy


Judy Woodruff
composed at least one non-audiobook book.

A factonista who interrupted the Bush family one night while they were enjoying dinner in the sanctity of their own private ranch.

Drunk and holding a grudge for some minor slight, Ms. Woodruff broke down 2 doors and several windows to scream and yell at each and every Bush family member while kicking every animal and servent on the premises.

The county sheriff finally dragged her away as she was kicking and screaming:

"You fucking son of a bitch. I saw what you wrote. We're not going to forget this.[1]"

Stephen will avenge The Greatest President Ever's family's honor on January 11, 2007, the date of Ms. Woodruff's ETN.

She Has Some NerveEdit

Miss Woodruff has some nerve coming on "The Colbert Report" and presuming to tell Professor Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. about the kids.

As if Dr. Colbert Doesn't Already KnowEdit

Nothing that Miss Woodruff said was something The Good Doctor didn't already know.

Miss Woodruff's HusbandEdit

Miss Woodruff is married to a person (Al Hunt) whose masculinity is so questionable she didn't take "his" name when they "married"

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