Judge Reginald B. Walton
is a Traitor
And will soon feel the wrath of a vengeful Baby Jesus.


Judge Walton

Judge Reggie B. Walton is a criminal and a scofflaw who deserves no less than a life sentence at Gitmo and the death penalty.

During a time of war, Judge Walton believed it was in the best interests of this country, an efficient duty for our court system, a sound way to spend taxpayers money and an example of The Teachings of Christ to send Scooter Libby to jail.

What a bastard.

Americans have spoken out against Judge Walton's judicial activistic activities from the bench by sending him letters of concern.

And yet, Judge Walton insists on remaining a bastard.

Hey, Reggie! Scooter isn't Paris Hilton; he doesn't deserve jail! he deserves a medal!

Apparently Judge Walton loves being a bastard, so we here at have gone out of our way to provide a little insight into the man behind the robe. Please review some interesting things about Judge Walton, to better know what kind of person would do such a thing.

Judge Walton's Personal InformationEdit

Category Details
Name Judge Reggie "Bastard" Walton
Birthday February 8, 1949
Marital Status Gay
Children 33
Home Address 9114 South Central, Los Angeles, CA
Social Security Number 333-66-6666
Biggest Fear Icepicks (Childhood-flashback inducing)

Judge Walton's Sad RecordEdit

At some point Judge Walton went to school, even graduating from college. Apparently, it is alleged that His Honor even passed the bar!

So, how is it that Reg can't win a case. It seems he is 0 and 1 when it comes to taking on The Greatest Administration Ever.

Quit while you're ahead Reggie. Seriously. Quit.

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