You have flushed
"Judge Dredd"
from's Legal Tube

Not quite girlie, not quite man,
Judge Dredd
is all Girlieman.

Stephen Colbert's favorite movie. Sylvester Stallone plays a conservative future lawman in the 22nd century (also known as the Newer American Century), who rounds up liberals, factonistas and other un-American types and sends them off to Gitmo. The ACLU gets wind of this and forces him through a series of ordeals which puts him in touch with his feelings and turns him into a girlie-man. Hollywood naturally regards this as a happy ending.

Stephen's love of the film is based on a special edition that only he owns, which dispenses with the second and third acts and simply plays the first act four times, in order to give the film more balls. By which I mean bigger balls, since more than two balls would be freakish.

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