Judd Apatow
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

August 9, 2007



looks like Rabbi Dobbs

from Long Island, New York

a rare Jew in Hollywood

knows famous people

was given several WrsitStrong Bracelets to give out to famous people

  • Aniston
  • maybe not Pitt

first film was about a virgin who waited until marriage

second movie woman who is not married gets knocked up

teens underage drinking, trying to have sex

warns he will show the penis (Harvey Keitel's)

movies about losers

is it a cry for help?

wants to be the new Ingmar Bergman

SC has never seen any of them

instruction manual on how to get a fake ID

next he will show how to make a meth lab

SC may cuss in moments of passion

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