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Juan Gabriel
Hace El Niño Jesus™ Muy Feliz
Y esta se haces Esteban feliz también! Ole!
Juan Gabriel
es en el menú a
¡Cómo muy afortunado para tú, porque tú está aquí!
111605 200juanG falls

Down goes Gabriel!

Juan Gabriel is a Latin American pop superstar.

On the November 16, 2005 edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen expressed the concerns of all Juan Gabriel fans, the 'Gabrielinos', after Gabriel took an untimely fall into the orchestra pit at a concert in Houston, where he was singing his healthcare plan.

Many had speculated that the mic cord caused the fall, but thanks to repeated, slow-motion videotape analysis, it was possible to determine the real culprit responsible for the fall: Gabriel's pant cuffs.

As Stephen has often said, "Pant cuffs kill." That's why he doesn't wear them.


  • Broken wrist
  • Mild concussion
  • Bruised ego and concert tour


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