Josh Brolin
is causing a great disturbance in The Truthiness
Bring a balance back to The Truthiness
Josh Brolin
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Josh Brolin is the Pauly Shore of today. He likes to jerk off to dog porn and snuff. Nobody likes him and he has no respect on any country besides Iraq.


Josh's mother is JK Rowling and his father is a pedophile

Near DeathEdit

It is said that in 1996, when Josh had a near death experience, after seeing his life flash before his eyes, he entered that gateway to Hades, at the end of the river styx and was greeted by the three headed dog, Cerberus. Josh Brolin slayed Cerberus with a level 5 fire laser equipped sword of destiny.

Recent Run-ins With The LawEdit

In 2006,Josh Brolin illegally trespassed onto the set of the upcoming Disney family film, Underdog. It was reported that Josh took a machete and beheaded every single cast member of the flick, including the beloved pup, scruffy.


Doctors have reported that Brolin suffers from severe canine anxiety. It is a common diagnosis that both Michael Vick, and Ellen Degenerous have. You can support the victims of this terrible disease by donating the the Christan Childrens Fund. Josh Brolin kills a dog every 26.4 seconds. He has a cool 'stache, though.

Professional Dog MurdererEdit

In Will Smith's 2007 apocalyptic thriller, I AM LEGEND, Josh Brolin was called in from the set of Sex Gang Children: Live at Ocean to kill the beloved charactor, sam. Josh Brolin makes an estimated $10.3 million dollars for every dog that he kills.

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