Joseph Francis Farah
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Joseph Francis Farah to the authorities.
Joseph Francis Farah
is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.

Joseph Francis Farah founder of World Net Daily, is an Evangelical Christian American journalist and noted homosexual of Lebanese and Syrian heritage.

Childhood & EducationEdit

Francis was born to two robustly heterosexual, Evangelical Christian red-blooded American parents, who raised him as every heterosexual, Christian American child is raised. His childhood was filled with every heterosexual, Christian American activity, toy and Bible passage.

Francis attended only the most, best, purest, heterosexualest, Christianest Americanest home school ever before graduating with a general education quasi-degree consisting of only heterosexual, Christian American subjects, including years and years of physical education.


Like all Real Americans, Francis' heritage is a mix of his religious, cultural and racial backgrounds.

At this posting, what is know about Francis' heritage includes elements from his American, Christian and homosexual backgrounds.


Scientific studies have shown that a soy-based diet may have been behind caused the throbbing surging homosexuality. We know this in our hearts, because it says so on wikipedia.


Apparently, somewhere in his background are Lebanese and Syrian genes. None of this has been officially confirmed, but lots of people are saying it so it has to be true!

Saved Or Not Saved?Edit

Baby Jesus
The Baby Jesus and The Baby Satan
are fighting over the very soul of
Joseph Francis Farah

Despite being an Evangelical Christian, there are still questions not only regarding his homosexuality, but also surrounding his association with journalists.

Francis seems to be skirting fudging straddling flirting heterosexually flirting with the razor edge between love for The Father and love for one's father.

Only a hard and deep intervention confronting his homosexuality can relieve him of this egregious sin.

Fun Facts About FrancisEdit

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