Cool headquarters with cool floor.

Hey, all you hep cats!

Have you ever wanted to visit new and exotic lands?

Meet interesting people?

If so, then the CIA may be just what the doctor odered!

The CIA Is For Cool PeopleEdit

The CIA is cool, and so are the people who join the CIA. Everyone knows this.

The CIA is on the internets, and has awesome spying equipment! And it can all be yours, if you join the CIA.

Just Join The CIAEdit

So why not join the CIA?

I mean, you want to, don't you?

Nothing's stopping you, right?

I mean, is there?

There are some tests and stuff, but there are tests to get into college, too. College doesn't pay you like the CIA does. And college really isn't that cool either. Not like the CIA is cool.

Aww, Come OnEdit

You don't want to be the last person on your block to join the CIA, do you?

There have been lots of cool people who have been in the CIA. The Greatest President--EVER!'s father was in the CIA. How cool is that?


Can you think of anything cooler than your dad being in the CIA? Well, maybe flying a fighter jet, but you can do that in the CIA, too. Or at least I think you can...I am sure you can, look, I'll get back to you on that one...

But there are lots of other things you can do in the CIA, so let's put this flying planes thing behind us, okay?

Spying Is CoolEdit

Spying really is cool. Haven't you ever wanted to watch the girls' shower at school? Well, in the CIA you can do just that. We are working on invisibility suits, and other cool stuff. Cool spying stuff.

So, why not join? You'll be cool.

Come on. And there is only a 2 percent chance you will be captured by hezbolla and tortured

You Know You Want ToEdit

Come on.

Come on ...

Come on !

You get paid. And we will give you a car. A spy car just like James Bond.

Wait, better than James Bond.

Think About ItEdit

You get paid, you get a car, and people will think you're cool. Everyone will think you're cool.

So join the CIA today.

We know you want to.

Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.

Take The Official CIA Employment TestEdit

See AlsoEdit

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