Johnny Isakson
is a United States Senator
for the state of Georgia

Johnny Isakson is Georgia's junior senator, who sits in the revered post formally held by the Great American Zell Miller.

He is best known for following the lead of Great Americans like Newt Gingrich, whose district he represented before moving on up to the Senate.

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Johnny Isakson opened the first Northside Realty office in Cobb County, Georgia. He continues to maintain his real estate brokers license and maintains close ties to the real estate industry in Georgia. In 1979 Isakson was voted president of Northside Realty, based in Georgia. He held the post for 22 years.

Johnny Isakson was elected to the US Senate in 2004 thanks to his reputation of working hard for the people of Georgia. Knowing how busy he would be in the Senate, the first order of business when arriving in his Senate office was to set up a voice mail and email system that held 1000's of messages each. Isakson, ever frugal, decided not to waste money on office staff to answer calls or emails from concerned citizens of Georgia. However, Senator Isakson, always eager to stay connected to the people of Georgia, started an enewsletter a mere 4 years into his first term in the Senate.

In 2009, Isakson selflessly used his expertise in real estate to benefit the average citizen in America. Recognizing the difficulties faced in his former industry due to the Bush economic collapse of 2008, Isakson proposed and won an amendment to the 2009 Stimulus Bill to give up to $15,000 cash to those investors and real estate agents who love America enough to buy up the many foreclosed homes sitting vacant.

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