Johnny Depp
has been seen wearing a Wriststrong Bracelet!
Keep Strong, Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.
When you edit, allow your gut to guide you.
Johnny Depp Attack Stance

When threatened, Johnny goes into his attack stance.


Johnny Depp is a so-called "actor". He is rumored to be immortal and currently lives in Hollywood (and Sodomy) with his "wife" and children. He has a personal vendetta against Stephen (for reasons still unknown to most of the world). Johnny Depp is a large supporter of Bear kind, and would love nothing more than to see them rule. It is believed this is because of the Stephen-hating similarities between him and the Colbear. Stephen has adamently reminded us that Depp is acually trying to fool the nation into thinking Bears are "cute" and "cuddly" as to lure them into their evil clutches. This "actor" simply copys the acting talents of other real actors, and reproduces them (quite badly) for the masses, to gain their trust.

Affiliations Edit


Stock photo of godless killing machine (koala) being godless.

Though Depp denies it publicly, he has been credited with aiding of The Democratic Alliance of Koalas, a legion of bears dedicated to destroying Stephen. These small furry bears try to seem as if they pose no threat at all, while in reality they are the fiercest tacticians the bears have.

More InfoEdit

Terri Clark - Girls Lie Too03:44

Terri Clark - Girls Lie Too

Captain Sparrow is every women's fantasy
  • He once also tried to sell his semen by the bottle, an obvious rip-off of Stephen Colbert's Formula 401. This attempt failed miserably.
  • Depp's movie, "Edward Sizzorhands", was filled with hidden sublimimal messages telling viewers to free all the Bears currently held captive in Zoos across the nation.
  • There is no truth on the rumors that he is a gay pirate.

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